Canadian Forces Physician Assistant Program


In 2002, the Canadian Forces Medical Services School (CFMSS) launched the first Canadian Physician Assistant Program to provide personnel with the skills and knowledge of primary health care delivery necessary to assume the duties and responsibilities of a Physician Assistant (PA) in the Canadian Forces. PA’s in the Canadian Forces may be employed in under serviced and isolated locations such as Canadian Forces Station Alert, which is 817 kilometres south of the North Pole, as well as all Submarines and Ships, where they provide the only immediately available medical services. In these settings the PA is under indirect supervision of a physician via satellite phone service. Additionally, PA’s may be employed in general practice settings called Care Delivery Units (CDU), which are similar to a civilian emergency department and/or a walk in clinic where they practice under on-site direct supervision by a physician.

Phase 1: Students enrolled in the PA Program are required to complete a course curriculum of 47 weeks of didactic course work at the Canadian Forces Health Services Training Center, located at CFB Borden, Ontario.

Phase 2: 47 weeks of supervised clinical competency rotations within a wide variety of selected civilian medical facilities throughout Canada. 

Phase 3: Four day of OSCE type exams.

After completion, all PA's write the CAPA certification exam.

Admission Requirements
All students granted admission to the PA program are drawn from existing Medical Technicians within the Canadian Forces Medical Branch and are selected by a selection board from applicants. The PA Program students have previously attended several formal paramedical courses and have completed a significant number of on the job clinical training hours to maintain medical competency in their related medical fields.

The requirements for candidates attending this course are:

a. Rank can be MCpl or Sgt;
b. Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ);
c. Medical Technician Qualification Level 6A (QL6A);

d  Write a Threshold Knowledge Test;

e. Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT);

f. Personality Investory Test;

g. High School Graduate, and;

h. Have a letter from the Commanding Officer and their local medical authority recommending them for the program.



Health Sciences Centre, 820 Sherbrook Street
St. Boniface Hospital, 409 Tache Avenue
Grace Hospital, 300 Booth Drive
Winnipeg Clinic, 425 St. Mary Avenue
Family Medical Centre, 400 Tache Avenue
Manitoba Clinic, 790 Sherbrook Street
Legacy Sport Medicine, 14-60 Meadowood Drive
Seven Oaks General Hospital, 2300 McPhillips Street

Parkland Region:
Dauphin Hospital, Dauphin, MB
Ste. Rose Hospital, Ste. Rose, MB
Grandview Medical Clinic, Grandview, MB

Canadian Forces Contact

CPO2/PM2 René Asselin, CD

PA Program Director, Banting Compagny, Canadian Forces Health Services Traning Centre

Department of National Defence/ Government of Canada / Tel: 705-424-1200 ext 1691/ Facsimile: 705-423-7251


Directeur du Programme des Adjoints aux Médecins, Compagnie Banting, Centre d’instruction des Sevices de santé des Forces canadiennes

Ministère de la Défence nationale/ Gouvernement du Canada / Tél: 705-424-1200 ext 1691/ Télécopieur 705-423-7251

Winnipeg Contact
Ian Jones, MPAS, CCPA, PA-C
Program Director
Master of Physician Assistant Studies
University of Manitoba
P121, 770 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0W3
Ph: 204-272-3096