Teaching Small Groups & Tutorials
The following resources were created for instructors of tutorials, a type of small group session. The tips they contain are applicable to many small group/tutorial settings although they were designed with a particular audience in mind.


The podcasts are generally 5 minutes or shorter with focused advice on teaching topics and can be found on the Podcasts page.

  • Time Management 1 (2:41 minutes)
  • Time Management 2: The literature (7:12 minutes)
  • Content 1: Gauging Understanding (5:50 minutes)
  • Content 2: Answering Questions and Staying on Track (3:17 minutes)
  • Interactivity 1: Increasing Student Engagement & Participation (4:28 minutes)
  • Interactivity 2: Managing Student Participation (4:43 minutes)
  • Advice for Tutorial Leaders (12:15 minutes)
  • Advice for Tutorial Leaders: Common Themes (12:46 minutes)