Longitudinal series
Developing your Small Group Session/Tutorial (Small Group Teaching Series)
Much teaching in health professions education now occurs in small groups. As a way to promote active learning and engagement, small groups foster both learning outcomes and community building for students. However, teaching in small groups (also known as tutorials) can be supported through the application of teaching strategies specific to small group contexts. In this series we will cover how to develop an effective small group session, as well as how to manage some of the common challenges. The series consists of three sessions: Managing Time and Disruptions; Developing Your Small Group Session/Tutorial; and Fostering Discussion and Engagement. Although participants are encouraged to attend all three workshops, workshops can be taken individually.
Learning Objectives:
After completing this workshop you will be able to
  • design an effective small group or tutorial session,
  • describe activities appropriate for small groups, and
  • develop a tutor guide/lesson plan. 

Date:             Wednesday February 26, 2020
Time:             1:00 – 3:00 pm
Facilitator:     Chelsea Jalloh, Joanne Hamilton, Anita Ens
Location:       474 Chown

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Teaching Online  

Thinking of delivering courses online? Curious about how it feels to teach and learn in this type of setting? OEFD’s Teaching Online course can help you adapt your face to face classroom experience to these types of courses. Develop skills by working through an online course firsthand as part of a cohort of learners. The coursework is designed to assist you in planning and creating your online course as well as exploring different ways to facilitate learning in this medium.

Course outcomes: 

  • compare and contrast the characteristics of teaching face to face and teaching online ·        
  • identify ways to support students and their learning in an online course ·        
  • revise traditional course materials to work in an online course ·        
  • adapt teaching strategies to the online setting ·        
  • design assessments that meet the specific needs of an online course

Dates:                       January 13 – April 9, 2020
Time Commitment:   2 – 3 hours per week (minimum)
Facilitator:                 Steve Yurkiw Place:                          

UM Learn – mostly asynchronous, work at your own convenience, while meeting weekly or biweekly assignment deadlines. There is one live, synchronous session in March.

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Maximum enrolment:  25 learners.