Standardized Patients and Sensitive Exam Teaching Associates

Standardized Patients (SP)
SPs are laypeople that are trained specifically to portray a wide range of symptoms and medical conditions. They are used both in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching situations, as well as in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) to assess students’ clinical exam and communication/interpersonal skills. Case scenarios typically represent the following domains:

  • Physical examination
  • Communication
  • History taking
  • Management

Sensitive Exam Teaching Associates (SETA)
SETAs are laypeople that trained specifically for:

  • Clinical Teaching Associate (CTA) for women's pelvic and / or breast exams
  • Male Urogenital Teaching Associate (MUTA) for men's genital / rectal exams


Please contact our Standardized Patient Educator to book SPs or SETAs for your session.