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Newsletters are published three times a year and feature topics relevant to education in the health sciences.
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Health Professions Education Research Day 
OEFD News Issue 1 2018

Archived Issues

Note: featured topics are listed along with the issue number and year.


Teaching and Learning in the Workplace
OEFD News Issue 3 2018


The Power of Reflection
OEFD News Issue 2 2017

Connectivist Learning Theory
OEFD News Issue 1 2017


What Counts as Educational Research?
Med Ed Newsletter Issue 1 2016

Indigenous Health Education: Is Cultural Safety Enough?
OEFD News 2016 Issue 2

Learning Theories
OEFD News Issue 3 2016


Social Media
Med Ed Newsletter Issue 1 2015

Do We Need a Competency-Based Approach to Teaching?
Med Ed Newsletter Issue 2 2015

Active Learning
Med Ed Newsletter Issue 3 2015


The Flipped Classroom
Med Ed Newsletter Issue 1 2014

Competency-Based Medical Education
Med Ed Newsletter Issue 2 2014

Entrustable Professional Activities; Change Management
Med Ed Newsletter Issue 3 2014