Registration Day
Registration day is your first official day as a part of the Class of 2023. Registration day is Tuesday, August 20, 2019 and is mandatory. You should have all of your documents for enrolment handed in at this time.

At 8:00 am, report to the Registration Desk located in the Brodie Centre Atrium, 727 McDermot Avenue. You will see several tables set up:

  • Check in at the registration desk first;
  • A light buffet breakfast will be available following registration.

At the Registration Desk

  • The Medicine Admissions Office and the UGME Enrolment Office will confirm everything is up to date with you;
  • The Med II students will be there to meet with you and answer questions;
  • You will be assigned a mailbox and locker and receive your mailbox key, lock, and locker key.
  • There will be several handouts to pick up, including a copy of the schedule for Orientation week (also posted on Entrada);
  • Complete the Diversity Survey on Survey Monkey.  There will be computers available, but please bring a laptop or tablet if you have one.

Other Important Things to do on the Day

  • Pick-up your white coat: You must go to the bookstore to pick up your white coat for the ceremony on Wednesday.
    • The Bookstore should be open by 9:00 am.
    • Do not go on your own as you may pick up the wrong type of coat
    • Your coat will need to be ironed Tuesday night;
    • Do not forget to bring your white coat back on Wednesday!
  • Student ID card: If you need a card, please visit the NJM Library Help Desk to request one. The library is located on the second floor or the Brodie Centre.
  • Locker location: Find your locker (maps will be available at the registration desk) and put away anything you do not need for the welcome presentation. Orient yourself to the buildings as necessary.
  • Meet your fellow Med I students!

Submission of Outstanding Documents

  • If you have outstanding documents, you can hand them in at the Max Rady College of Medicine Office, 260 Brodie Centre (second floor). Please do this after registration.

Orientation Sessions

  • Please refer to your Orientation schedule in Entrada.