Application Information

Application 2018 - 2019
Application Deadline: October 1, 2017

Please ensure you read and understand the Applicant Information Bulletin prior to completing the Application.

The Applicant Information Bulletin is the official policy and procedure document for the College of Medicine and the Medicine Admissions Office. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to change the information contained in the Applicant Information Bulletin. The Bulletin is reviewed annually.

Deadlines are strictly observed. A failure to meet the application deadline or to follow the application instructions will result in disqualification of your application.

After the October 1, 2017 deadline, changes to your application will not be accepted.

You can check the status of your application at any time at the online application login.

All correspondence will be sent by email.

Tips for your application

  • Read the Applicant Information Bulletin and the medicine application tips on the application page.
  • Your application will not be considered until you have submitted and paid your application fee. All partially completed applications will be removed after the deadline.
  • One official copy of your transcripts will be required to be sent by mail or dropped off at the Enrolment Services office. A transcript is required from all post-secondary institutions you have attended.  Official transcripts must be received by November 1st.
  • All other documents can be uploaded to your application, including an unofficial copy of your transcripts. If they are not submitted with your application, the deadline will be November 1st.
  • Do not submit reference letters with your application. Choose your referees wisely! You are only required to provide the names and contact information of 3 referees on the online application. The Medicine Admissions Office will contact references by email if required. 
  • MCAT scores must be released to the University of Manitoba as soon as they are available or the score may not be used. You can apply with a pending score. We must receive your MCAT score no later than November 1st.
  • All completed undergraduate coursework as of the published deadline date will be used in the calculation of your pre-interview AGPA. Current courses may be included after the coursework is complete. 
  • Please review the changes to the eligibility requirements located here.
  • Ensure your biochemistry courses meet the University of Manitoba standards.
  • Ensure your humanities and social sciences courses meet the University of Manitoba standards. The acceptable courses can be found here.

The 2018 - 2019 application cycle is NOW CLOSED.