From Accreditation to Innovation
What is Accreditation?

“An examination of a knife would reveal that its distinctive quality is to cut, and from this we can conclude that a good knife would be a knife that cuts well.” —Aristotle

Accreditation helps us to measure “what we do” against “what we are supposed to be doing". It is an external lens that describes the levels of attainment of our day-to-day work against best practice… It is an examination of all the processes and resources involved in the provision of high quality education. It is a systematic review that will show how well our functions and activities: teaching and academic programs, research and scholarship, staffing, buildings, faculties, equipment, services  to the community and the academic environment meet  the needs of our students, the university and the general public.

Accreditation provides a reliable vehicle for quality improvement: It is an opportunity for each of the parties involved in the formation of our future doctors, to improve function, structure and performance. It is a vehicle for change!.  Ultimately, our college Accreditation is a necessary condition for our program’s graduates to be licensed as physicians. Without Accreditation we cannot exist as a teaching institution.

What’s in it for us?

Organizations that provide quality and value in the provision of their educational services are likely to grow and prosper. Such organizations gain benefits like stronger student and staff loyalty, lower vulnerability to economic changes/budget cuts, ability to command higher funding and more autonomy from the state in policy development.

The primary goal of medical education is to improve patient care. Accreditation enables teams to constantly take time to reflect and ask, “How do we know we are doing good work?” and, “Where and how can we improve to ensure that there is added value in the ways we provide services?”. At the end we would all be contributing to make better health care professionals who would in return provide better care to us.

Let’s make this happen!