The Integrated Accreditation Unit is a new office that will evolve according to the needs of the Colleges over the next couple years. As such, our website will evolve with us.

Introduction: Dr. Postl’s “Across-Five” announcement made on September 1st, 2017, marked the official launch of operations for the new RFHS Integrated Accreditation Unit (IAU). The IAU will be responsible for facilitating the accreditation process for all 86 accredited educational programs cross the colleges in the RFHS.

Mission: Foster and sustain a continuous quality improvement culture within all educational programs in the RFHS.

Vision: Ever evolving and fully accredited health sciences education programs that are innovative in its response to the needs of the learners, the faculty, and the community.

In collaboration with educational program leadership, faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders (i.e., alumni, patients, regulatory authorities, etc.), the IAU is committed to be responsive, efficient and reliable in providing leadership in the form of consultations for accredited educational programs across the RFHS colleges.


  • Deliver quality improvement collaborative accreditation solutions across the RFHS Colleges.
  • Develop a mechanism for and accomplish accreditation of the RFHS programs.
  • Provide consultation for each college in terms of accreditation preparation.
  • Share best practices in regards to quality improvement within the Colleges.
  • Conduct strategic projects at the call of the Dean.