Responsibilities of Membership
1. General Conditions & Responsibilities of Membership
  • All members of Ongomiizwin - Research will conduct their research in accordance with the highest ethical standards and implement the principles and practices outlined in the Framework for Research Engagement with First Nation, Metis, and Inuit People.
  • Members may use the facilities of Ongomiizwin - Research, such as shared equipment and meeting rooms, subject to availability. Ongomiizwin - Research does not allow meeting rooms to be booked for non-Ongomiizwin - Research members or for non-Ogomiizwin - Research related purposes.
  • University- and community-based researchers are expected to contribute to the First Nation, Metis, Inuit and/or Indigenous health research effort through collaborations with other investigators, involvement with training of new researchers, and participation in the administration of programs. Participation may include activities such as grant and application review, or other research-related activities.
  • Members conducting research in partnership with Ongomiizwin - Research will conduct their research in compliance with all relevant policies of the University of Manitoba.
  • Members will not undertake activities under the Ongomiizwin - Ressearch sponsorship or in the Ongomiizwin - Research facilities that could bring discredit upon Ongomiizwin - Research.
  • Members are encouraged to acknowledge Ongomiizwin - Research in all publications and presentations resulting from First Nations, Metis, Inuit and/or Indigenous research undertaken while a member of the Ongomiizwin - Research.
  • University- and community-based researchers should make every effort to attend the annual membership meeting in the fall, and to participate in Ongomiizwin - Research discussions and activities. 

2. Student/Research Assistant Supervision
All students/research assistants working in the Ongomiizwin - Research facilities must be under supervision of an investigator who is a member of Ongomiizwin - Research. The supervisor accepts responsibility for the student. All students must be registered in an undergraduate or graduate program at a Manitoba post-secondary institution. Research assistants may or may not be students.

Where students are eligible for financial support, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to arrange such support. Students from other departments, facilities and institutions may work in the facility under supervision. All students/research assistants who are provided office space within the Ongomiizwin - Research will be required to contribute financially or in kind to offset the cost of their office space.

3. Annual Membership Meeting
An annual meeting of membership will be held yearly in the fall. The date will be announced at least one month prior to the meeting. Quorum will be set at two thirds of current membership. The Director will request a student representative. Special meetings may be held throughout the year to discuss pertinent issues to the Centre. Consultations via email may also be undertaken as appropriate.

4. Use of Ongomiizwin - Research Logo
Members are invited to use the Ongomiizwin - Research logo on academic posters or presentation slides. We ask that any documents/files where the logo is used be submitted to the Director (or his/her delegate) prior to use. Please note that files may take up to 5 days to be vetted.

5. Discontinuance/Suspension of Membership
Affiliation with the Ongomiizwin - Research will be suspended if the member ceases to meet the qualifications of membership, or is, in the finding of a review of memberships, in breach of the conditions of membership. Termination of membership will result in withdrawal of supports of the Ongomiizwin - Research.