Dr. Kathleen Clouston, MSc, PhD
Dr. Kathleen Clouston completed her MSc degree in Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba investigating the cardio-protective effects of Canola oil in patients with Type II Diabetes. She completed her PhD in Human Nutritional Sciences, winning one of four University of Manitoba Distinguished Dissertation Award for her thesis/research entitled “An Investigation into the Effect of Dietary Lipids and Lovastatin on the Multi-Step Process of Colon Carcinogenesis and Associated Cellular and Molecular Events”. In 2009, Dr. Clouston became a member of the CancerCare Manitoba-Canadian Institutes of Health Research Primary Care Research Network Team and completed her Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Family Medicine in which she lead the development of a cluster randomized clinical trial to improve colorectal cancer screening rates in community-based family practice. During this time, Dr. Clouston created novel strategies to facilitate collaborative partnership development as well as integrated knowledge translation and knowledge exchange to support implementation of evidence-based findings into clinical practice. Her research findings were the basis of a successful CIHR planning, knowledge translation and Dissemination grant (year). Dr. Clouston was the Interim Program Manager for the Provincial Colorectal Cancer Screening Program (2013). She is currently the Research Coordinator for the Department of Surgery, Section of General Surgery Research Group and is a co-investigator in a number of ongoing research projects including colorectal cancer and bariatric surgery. She is a co-investigator in a research project investigating the metabolic impact of bariatric surgery compared to best diabetic care on Manitoba’s urban Indigenous population.

Dr. Clouston’s research interests include optimization of patient and health system peri-operative outcomes, Indigenous health, patient-oriented research, health equity, nutritional management of and chronic disease, primary care research network development and community-based family practice, long-term management of chronic disease (with overlapping comorbidities), policy/decision-making and health system delivery. She is also interested in database development, including optimizing tailored approaches to data collection and management strategies.