Darrien Morton, BA
Darrien Morton is a non-Indigenous international student from Zambia who received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia in 2014. He has been with MFN CAHR since September of 2014 and is currently completing his graduate studies in the department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. Darrien intends to extend his research in British Columbia to Manitoba which focused on First Nations youth engagement in health policy development and planning in BC’s First Nations Health Authority. He is involved in participatory action research focusing on Indigenous youth engagement in policy decision making and grassroots activism in Winnipeg’s inner city neighbourhoods. Darrien currently works for the Manitoba First Nations Centre for Aboriginal Health Research as a research assistant working on the Honouring the Voices Project: 40 Years of First Nations, Métis, Inuit & Indigenous Health Research in Manitoba.