Dr. Grace Kyoon-Achan, PhD
Dr. Grace Kyoon-Achan is currently a research fellow at Manitoba First Nations Center for Aboriginal Health Research (MFN-CAHR). The Center is a part of the College of Medicine University of Manitoba. She is a qualitative analyst on a CIHR funded Community-based Primary Healthcare research project. The project includes a team of University-based researchers and community-based participants. Grace works closely and collaboratively with the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba (FNHSSM) and 8 Manitoba First Nations communities.

Dr. Kyoon-Achan combines her Indigenous knowledge and research experience in working with Indigenous peoples and communities. She brings impeccable skills in cross-cultural, participatory and Indigenous methods as well as a social justice background to bear on issues of health and wellbeing in Indigenous communities. She has also worked internationally in Nigeria and Costa Rica as both a scholar and community-based researcher. Her current research interests include social and health justice, social determinants of health, integrative and complementary health and wellness, mental health, refugee and migration issues, war and armed conflicts, cross-cultural processes and conflict resolution.