Naming History:
Initial meeting held December 15, 2015 to open discussion with Community Elders and Knowledge Keepers for an Indigenous Name for the envisioned Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing.
Tobacco was offered to each elder to participate in the naming process

Elders | Knowledge Keepers invited:
Margaret Lavallee, Elder
Mary Wilson, Elder
Norman Meade, Elder
Ovide Mecredi, Knowledge Keeper
Grace Clark, Elder
David Couchene Jr, Elder
Leslie Spillett, Knowledge Keeper
Kathleen Mallett, Elder

Meaning | Intent of Name

Ongomiizwin: be thoughtful of self on your healing journey

Intent:  clearing the pathway for generations to come

In Health Care: to create a good journey for generations to come
     “Mashkikiiwinini “ – this is where medicine people come to learn to become doctors
     ‘Mashkikiiwinini’ /’ Mashkikiqwiné’ – medicine people/medicine woman


  • Cree
  • Dakota
  • Dene
  • Inuktitut
  • Michif
  • Ojibway
  • English
  • French