Operations: FAQ

Who do I contact if I require office space? (include PDF to Dean’s Memo)
You will need to send fill the Space Request Form (found here) and email it to: RFHSOperations@umanitoba.ca

What is the difference between Operations and Physical Plant?
Physical Plant is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Bannatyne Campus facilities. Full details on services they provide can be found on the Physical Plant, Bannatyne website. Operations is responsible for the approval and assistance of all office changes.  Ex. Office moves, large office purchases, renovations, etc.

How can I book space on Bannatyne?
The step-by-step guide is available here.

Is there a fee to book space?
Not for staff and students, only outside vendors not affiliated with the U of M

What projects are currently taking place on campus? (PDF or PowerPoint link with current projects?)

What do I do if I require furniture for a space?
The Operations Team has a furniture inventory that you can take a look on furniture inventory page

I want to hang up framed artwork/a canvas/a sign etc. can I do this?
No, you must submit a Req 7 form to RFHSOperations@umanitoba.ca  - the work will be done by Physical Plant.

What forms do I fill out if I am moving offices?
If you are moving, please use this checklist (link to PDF) and email it to: RFHSOperations@umanitoba.ca

Can I serve alcohol at an event?
Yes you can, below are the steps you need to take to be able to serve alcohol:

  1. Before starting the process for the permit, you must have booked a space at the Bannatyne Campus for your event. (This is the normal process in which you would book an event on Ad Astra)
  2. Then fill out the MLCC Occasional Permit Request. Once you have filled out the permit, submit it to: RFHSOperations@umanitoba.ca

    *Note: all requests must have an UMSAFE# indicated on the form.  Information regarding UM SAFE including training, can be found here

    *Please note that this process takes time, so if you know you are going to serve alcohol at an event, you must submit this to us as soon as the event is booked to ensure all your needs will be met on time.