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Susan Petras & Jean Lyon
The College of Dentistry and the School of Dental Hygiene have two student advisors to help you navigate your way through the process of becoming and being a registered student within the College.

Please read their info as to whom to address your question to.
Susan Petras
Jean Lyon

I am a resource for all students enrolled in the College of Dentistry and School of Dental Hygiene. I provide help with matters of student financial aid, letters of confirmation, interpretation of college / school and university policies and with helping students find other services provided by the university which they may require.

Part of my duties include: facilitating class scheduling; student registration; timetabling/examination scheduling; and much more!

For the School of Dental Hygiene program, please visit the following link: Dental Hygiene Admissions information;
Dental Hygiene future students page.

For the College of Dentistry programs, please visit:
Dentistry Admissions information;
Dentistry home page.

Office hours:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Contact: susan_petras
Phone: 204-789-3484

Located in room D028B in the basement of the Dentistry Building.

My name is Jean Lyon and I provide prospective students with admission information for the 4 year Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) program and the International Dentist Degree Program (IDDP) I also provide confirmation of enrollment letters and provide information on financial aid and sign your student loan documents if you have them, and handle registration for the programs.

I am able to provide information on services provided through the university. These are just some of the things I do each day.

For details on our DDM program, please visit the following link: Dentistry Admissions information; Dentistry home page.

For the IDDP program, visit: IDDP

Office hours:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Phone: 204-977-5611

If you visit the College, my office is D028A.