Our department

Restorative Dentistry
is housed in the College of Dentistry, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and is located at the Bannatyne (downtown) Campus of the University of Manitoba. Also present at this location are the Colleges of Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Sciences, the Max Rady College of Medicine and the School of Dental Hygiene. Associated hospital facilities include the Health Sciences Center and its various branches.

Restorative Dentistry teaches the majority of the clinical dental sciences to dental students including dental materials, endodontics, operative dentistry, prosthodontics (fixed, removable, and implant), TMD (temporomandibular disorders) and general practice dentistry.  General practice dentistry is a consolidation of those disciplines that cross over many of the various areas of dentistry.  This would include infection control, ethics and professionalism, jurisprudence, and practice management. SkullCurrently the Department has fourteen full time college members and forty-six part time college members who are community dentists. Restorative Dentistry is responsible for twenty-six courses in the undergraduate dental program, one course in the two-year dental hygiene program and one in the graduate orthodontics program.

The department offices are located on the second floor.   A majority of the teaching takes place in modern simulation labs located on the second floor and in the College of Dentistry patient clinic on the first floor.

The department is also responsible for the operation of a clinical research unit, which conducts clinical trials for all disciplines of dentistry regarding materials and modalities of treatment.  There is also clinical space for College to engage and carryout private practice under the auspices of their collective agreement.  Members of Restorative Dentistry undertake active research collaboration with researchers at the National Research Council Canada.