International Dentist Degree Program (IDDP)


Track B: Application Review

Candidates must attend an interview at the College if selected.. Applicants will be selected for an interview based on his/her

  1. Academic credentials from all institutions attended
  2. The results of their NDEB ( Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Assessment of Clinical Judgement examinations;
  3. Assessment of Clinical Skills, taken either the December of the calendar year prior to or June of the year of application
  4. Work experience
  5. English language test results.

Not all applicants can be invited for the interview. 

Applicants accepted for the in-person interview will be informed by late August/mid-September of the year preceding entry into the program.

Applicants who accept the offer of an in-person interview must indicate their acceptance in writing by date given by IDDP Coordinator

For full admission info re: Track B