Projects and Clincal Expectations


hygiene student with child patient

The School of Dental Hygiene is proud of the many Community Outreach projects that have been done by students in the past. A few examples of the target populations that students have delivered programs to include:

  • cancer care patients
  • low socio-economical families
  • inner city soup kitchens
  • people with diabetes
  • correctional facilities
  • elementary - high schools
  • caregivers
  • the elderly
  • patients with either mental or physical disabilities

By working on these public outreach projects, it gives the students the opportunity to see how the real world works in situations that are not always in an ideal setting.

Clinical Expectations

Under the direct supervision of the dental hygiene clinical and dental faculty, students attain clinical competencies through participation in laboratory and clinical sessions and through experience providing direct patient care services. Students are required to maintain 90% clinic utilization throughout their two year program. Emphasis is placed on the health promotion and disease prevention throughout the program.