The profession & Employment Opportunities


The Profession
Dental hygiene is a dynamic and exciting health care profession. Dental hygienists are licensed oral health professionals who serve the public in oral disease prevention and oral health promotion through a uniquely holistic approach. The scope of practice includes the provision of preventive, educational and therapeutic services to both the individual and the community. Dental hygienists play an important role in the assessment planning, treatment and evaluation of periodontal diseases.

Hygiene students engage in community outreach
Dental Hygiene: Definition, Scope and Practice Standards
The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) has developed Dental Hygiene: Definition, Scope and Practice Standards, a publication designed to guide dental hygienists in their responsibility and accountability as practicing professionals. The document includes definitions, models of practice, practice environments, key areas of responsibilities, and practice standards.

Code Of Ethics
As a practicing dental hygienist with responsibilities to the public, the CDHA Code of Ethics publication has been developed to outline competent and ethical care for clients. The laws under which dental hygienists practice are supplemented and complemented by the Code of Ethics.


There are many types of employment opportunities available to dental hygienists:

  • private dental offices
  • community health settings
  • hospital dental clinics
  • schools
  • research labs
  • associations and industry centres

Hygiene students
Employment opportunities are available by contacting the Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association or the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association members only section of the website at and find a list of job opportunities that are available throughout the world.


Job Transferability - Working Outside Of Canada
As a professional Dental Hygienist there are many job opportunities worldwide. Dental Hygienists may be required to write a different board exam to be able to work outside of Canada in a specific location.

For further information on what qualifications and requirements are needed, contact the country in which employment is desired directly or visit the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association website.