Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Manitoba, have a waiting list that carries over from year to year?
No, the Dental Hygiene Diploma Program at the University of Manitoba does not have a waiting list for admission. All applicants are in open competition for any given year.

How accessible is transportation to Bannatyne campus?
Transportation is very accessible, because the campus is found in the exciting centre of the city. Therefore, public transportation is very convenient. Parking is available at parking meters located on residential streets (maximum 2 hours) around the campus or in one of the near by parking lots (hourly parking).

Are the courses for the Dental Hygiene program offered through correspondence, distance learning or part-time study?
The courses for the program offered at the Faculty of Dentistry are during the day from Monday through Friday and run from August to April. Due to the importance of gaining clinical experience, these courses are not offered part-time or through correspondence.

What is the housing situation like around the dental campus?
There is student housing available for out-of-province students. Students are able to stay at the Medical Centre Apartments, however spaces are limited. Additional housing info also available here.