Hello School of Denal Hygiene Alumni!
Calling All Alumni
The University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene Alumni Association
Wants You!
Why Not Consider Membership in the UMSDHAA?
MEMBERSHIP in the UMSDHAA offers alumni access to information about what is currently taking place at the School of Dental Hygiene:
• RESEARCH, faculty development & student life, networking with other alumni and members of the dental hygiene community.
• PLUS, receive discounts on professional development opportunities and other alumni events, recognize alumni achievements, and opportunities to provide funding to scholarships set up by the UMSDHAA.

MEMBERSHIP is open to:
• ALL ALUMNI of the School of Dental Hygiene at the University of Manitoba.

• NON-ALUMNI who are members of the dental hygiene community, as affiliate members.

• THOSE who are not a member of the dental hygiene community, as supporting members.

– All for only a $30 annual fee –

STUDENTS of the School of Dental Hygiene can also join for a reduced rate of only $10 per year!
To join, or for more information, contact us via email: umsdhaa@outlook.com
We Do Reunions, Too!

The School of Dental Hygiene's Office of Alumni Affairs, together with the Office of External Relations, help our alumni reconnect with our school by providing ideas and assistance for class reunions, parties, and other events that bring classmates together. These can be combined with educational updates during events or conferences in Winnipeg, Vancouver, or a location of your choice. For those reunions taking place in Winnipeg, we’d be happy to host a class reception complete with tours of our facilities.

If you’d like help in organizing your class reunion or other class function, please don’t hesitate to contact Tammy Holowachuk.

Tammy Holowachuk
Alumni Affairs Officer
(204) 474-6455






Did you know?

Dental hygiene graduates from Manitoba have always been very active in their professional associations.

In addition to activity in the Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association, they have provided 9 of the 30 presidents of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association between 1965 and 1987, a record unmatched by any other educational program.