University of Manitoba - Faculty of Dentistry - Dental Diagnostic Surgical Sciences - DDSS Faculty & Staff
DDSS Faculty & Staff


Dr. Adnan Shah | Department Head
Phone: 204-789-3338
D343A – Dentistry Building

Sara Dueck, Department Administrator
Phone: 204-789-3597
D344C – Dentistry Building

Sandra Iwankow, Office Assistant
Phone: 204-789-3684
D343 – Dentistry Building

Hillary Smith, Office Assistant
– Dentistry Building

Oral Maxillofacial Radiology

Division Head:

Dr. Meredith Brownlee | Assistant Professor
Phone: 204-789-3325
D342D – Dentistry Building

Oral Diagnosis

Division Head:

Dr. John Perry, Associate Professor
Phone: 204-789-3556
D342E – Dentistry Building



Dr. Sylvia Todescan | Predoctoral Director
Assistant Professor
Phone: 204-789-3550
D344A – Dentistry Building

Eraldo Batista, Associate Professor
Phone: 204-789-3367
D338C – Dentistry Building

Grad Perio Program and Clinic:

Dr. Anastasia Cholakis | Postgraduate Director
Assistant Professor
Phone: 204-975-7765
D342B – Dentistry Building

Reem Atout, Assistant Professor
Phone: 204-789-3075
D342B – Dentistry Building

Graduate Clinic Staff:

Matilde Kostiw, Clinic Coordinator
Phone: 204-789-3426
D350 – Dentistry Building

Celia Duarte-Trozzo, Dental Assistant

Michelle Dick, Dental Hygienist
Phone: 204-789-3426
D350 – Dentistry Building

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS)

Dr. Adnan Shah | Division Head/Graduate Program Director
Phone: 204-789-3338
D343A – Dentistry Building

John Curran, Senior Research Scholar
Phone: 204-789-3753
D342C – Dentistry Building

Dr. Reda Elgazzar | Undergraduate Director
Associate Professor
Phone: 204-789-3634
D344B – Dentistry Building

International Centre for Oral-Systemic Health (ICOSH) 

Dr. Anthony Iacopino, Dean
College of Dentistry, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences