Chemosensory Signal Transduction

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the targets of >30% of the prescription drugs. There are more than 700 GPCRs in humans and majority of these belong to Class A. Our studies over the past decade focused on Class A GPCRs and small G proteins. Building on this, we are now interested in pursuing the following research areas involving a few Class A GPCRs, and small G proteins.

  1.  Identification and characterization of new ligands and/or protein interaction partners using computer-aided virtual ligand screening and structure-function analysis.
  2. Developing GPCR based immunoassays using our overexpression systems and unique immobilization chemistry.
  3. Studying the “ligand-GPCR-small G protein” signal transduction pathways.
  4. Elucidating the pathophysiological role of these proteins in certain clinical conditions