Ordering branded promotional items
All across Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (RFHS), units are showing their pride in our institution by purchasing and sharing promotional items with the new logo and the name of their college and/or department.

The process outlined below applies to ordering merchandise for students, classes, departments, faculty and staff.

Choose your products

We’ve sourced a selection of products from trusted suppliers that Offer the correct imprint space for branding and meet the standard of quality required for RFHS branded items.  

To order merchandise, complete the form and return it to RadyMarketing@umanitoba.ca

Branded merchandise order form

A communications officer will be assigned to work with you and liaise with the suppliers on your behalf.

NOTE: Sometimes clients will source products themselves and then contact us about branding the items they plan to purchase. This may not be a time-saver for you, since there may be limiting factors like a too-small imprint space or off-brand colour selections that make the item unsuitable. Let us help you!


Our staff includes an in-house professional designer. We will work with her to ensure that any text, logos or graphics you wish to include are in line with the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences visual identity. We will also ensure that they fit the imprint space required by the supplier and review proofs for technical issues to avoid potential mishaps that could waste your time or money.

Turnaround time

Quote, design, approval, production and delivery can take up to two weeks, depending on the volume of work in our office and the supplier’s own schedule. Please allow as much time as possible when requesting your branded items.


The cost of promotional items comes from each unit’s budget. You will be asked to supply a purchase order number and you will receive an invoice at the end of the project. It is your responsibility to cover all costs and to coordinate payment.


Items will be delivered by the supplier directly to your office or whichever delivery address you choose.


If you have any questions about the process, please contact us at RadyMarketing@umanitoba.ca