MPAP Candidates
What Candidates (YOU) Need to Do
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The following outlines the responsibilities of the candidate throughout the assessment process:

  1. Discuss with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) that the Manitoba Practice Assessment Program (MPAP) is an appropriate option for you to obtain full registration in the Province of Manitoba. The MPAP Office will notify you via telephone when your referral from the CPSM is received.
  2. Pay the first installment of the Administrative Fee ($500.00) when you receive the invoice. When the MPAP receives payment, you will then be considered "Registered" with MPAP.

    Note: This Administrative Fee is paid to the University of Manitoba and is not related to any CPSM fee.
  1. Review the contents of the candidate application package received from the MPAP.
  2. Do the following:
  • Access the MPAP Forms and Information Management System via and complete the following web-based forms:
    • Assessment Scheduling Form
    • Request for Colleague Names for 360 Degree Survey Form (Note: Talk to your physician colleagues and interprofessional colleagues about the assessment process before putting their names on the form)
    • Self-Assessment Reports:
      • Self-Assessment Report
      • Self-Assessment Report: Reflective Practice
      • Self-Assessment Report: Clinical Practice Skills (for specialists only)
  • Access the MPAP Forms and Information Management System via  and PRINT and complete the following forms:
    • Application Package Submission Checklist
    • Authorization for Release of Final Report of Assessment Form
    • Fee Payment Form
  • Retrieve your most recent Physician Profile that is supplied annually from Manitoba Health.
  • Request from your billing service provider your Billing Profile of Diagnostic Codes (with diagnoses and frequency) for a period of at least 6 months and generated within the last 6 months.
  • Hand out Patient Surveys and self-addressed envelopes to your patients – these forms were provided to you with the application package. Depending on your practice, you have been provided with surveys applicable for patients for which you have a short or long-term relationship or both. Please hand out surveys accordingly based on your relationship with the patient (i.e., short-term surveys to new patients or patients rarely seen, and long-term survey to patients you have seen many times). Patients have the option of mailing the survey back directly to the MPAP office or they can return the surveys to you in the sealed envelope and you can return them in bulk to the MPAP office. You may wish to provide patients with a stamp if they take responsibility for mailing the survey back directly to the MPAP office. A minimum of 50 patients in total must complete the surveys. so you are provided with more surveys knowing that all patients who receive a survey will not return it.
  1. Complete the Application Package Submission Checklist (downloaded from), place all required hardcopy documents listed on the checklist into one envelope, and forward the entire package to the MPAP Program Director (Note: Incomplete application packages will not be accepted). Do not print or enclose the forms you completed online (i.e., those listed in 3.a. above).

    Note: You will be considered "Enrolled" in the MPAP after Step 4 (above) is completed including the return of completed Patient Surveys (50 total) and completion of Physician Colleague/Interprofessional Colleague Surveys (which the colleagues complete online).

    Send package to:
    Program Director, Manitoba Practice Assessment Program
    University of Manitoba, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
    Division of Continuing Professional Development
    260 Brodie-727 McDermot Ave.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3P5
    Phone: 204-789-3220
  3. Wait until the MPAP Program Assistant contacts you to schedule an interview with the MPAP Program Team (i.e., MPAP Program Director, Assistant Director, and MPAP Program Advisor).
  5. Attend the interview as scheduled to review your application and discuss the assessment process.
      Note: The assessment component of the fee will be determined after the interview and is due prior to further arrangements being made for the onsite assessment. The Assessment Fee must be paid in full prior to the onsite assessment.
  7. Pre-Arrange to have your patients sign the Patient Consent for Health Record Review and Observation During Appointment/Procedures form (Note: Form must be downloaded from the MPAP Forms and Information Management System). Your lead assessor will determine the total number of physician/candidate-patient encounters that will be observed. Keep the authorization forms and present them to the assessment team when required.
  9. Pre-Arrange your schedule for the onsite assessment day(s) to ensure that those patients who have consented to be observed have appointments on that/those day(s). These visits should be the majority of patient encounters on that/those day(s).
  11. Pre-Arrange to have 15-20 charts available for audit by the assessment team. (Note: If you have an electronic health record then you will need to arrange that the assessment team has electronic access to your records).
  13. Pre-Arrange/book an onsite room that will be available to the assessment team on the day(s) of the site visit(s) to work by themselves and to also conduct your chart stimulated recall session interview.
  15. Be assessed on the day(s) of your site visit(s).
  17. Return the Candidate Binder to the MPAP office. You will not receive your final assessment report until the binder is returned.
  19. Wait for your final assessment report that will be mailed.
  21. Contact the MPAP Program Director within 10 days of receiving the report if you have any questions about the final assessment report.
  23. Contact the CPSM regarding the completion of your assessment.