CAPE Assessment

Clinician Assessment and Professional Enhancement

The CAPE assesses the knowledge, skills and attitudes of physicians, relevant to practice in Manitoba. This assessment is offered to practicing physicians to provide a profile of strengths and areas for further development. 

The assessment is offered over three consecutive days and generally consists of:

  1. A multiple choice medical knowledge examination
  2. A short answer written examination of pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutics
  3. A case-based, structured oral interview
  4. An objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

Candidates are generally referred by a regulatory body, but can also self-refer.  The CAPE is used to identify knowledge and practice gaps for remediation or re-entry purposes, or for the development of personalized learning plans and programs.

Candidates for the CAPE include:

  1. Physicians who are looking to re-enter active practice after a gap of 3 or more years.
  2. Physicians who a changing from a specialty to family practice.
  3. Physicians who have had knowledge gaps or concerned identified or queried and further information about competencies is needed.
  4. Physicians wanting to develop their competencies and wish an assessment of strengths and gaps.
  5. Nurse Practitioners (OSCE only) with referral from CRNM.

The CAPE is tentatively scheduled 2 times per year in spring and fall; however, sittings of the CAPE are dependent on receiving sufficient referrals and applications.  Current fees for 2018 are $5000 per candidate.

Information for candidates

Refer a physician candidate

Physician application

Nurse practitioner application: contact Natalie MacLeod Schroeder, Director, Clinician Assessment Programs