Clinical Assistant Assessment
The Clinical Assistant Assessment (CAA) is offered to candidates referred by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM).  The CAA is designed to determine competency in the basic knowledge, skills and attributes required for practice as a Clinical Assistant in Manitoba.  The CAA is one of the assessments that fulfils the requirements of the CPSM in regards to entry to practice for Clinical Assistants.  Alternate assessments include the MCC NAC or QEII examinations.

Minimum requirements for eligibility include:

  • A degree in medicine from a faculty of medicine acceptable to CPSM, or
  • Be a licensed or registered health care profession under an Act of the Manitoba Legislature, or
    Be certified as an Emergency Medical Attendant, Level III, or
  • Be a graduate of an accredited physician assistant or clinical assistant training program acceptable to CPSM

To register for the CAA, applicants must complete the required CPSM documentation and submit to CPSM who will then forward the application to CAP once eligibility is determined.

The CAA will tentatively be scheduled twice per calendar year; however, sittings of the assessment are dependent on receiving sufficient paid registrations. CAP cannot guarantee sittings of the assessment.

Candidate information