Leadership opportunities

Physicians are encouraged to pursue specific training in management and leadership in order to consider and be considered for positions of leadership in healthcare and academic medicine in the future.  Historically, some physicians pursued specific leadership programs such as an MBA, but these were not tailored with content relevant to the healthcare system. Over the past decade, there have been new programs designed that recognize the complexity of healthcare.  These programs help physicians to determine whether they have the passion, interest and aptitude to pursue career options in healthcare and healthcare education.  Links to some of these specific programs are listed below:

Academic Health Sciences Leadership Program
George & Faye Yee CHI Education - Leadership Program

AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar

AAMC Executive Development Seminar for Interim and Aspiring Leaders

Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM)

Canadian Medical Association Physician Management Institute

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

New and Emerging Academic Leaders Program (NEAL)

Canadian Leadership Institute for Medical Education (CLIME)

Harvard Business School

Centre for Higher Education and Research and Development

Education Scholar Program

Some of these programs require support from the academic institution such as the Dean of Medicine; some departments are willing to help with the funding of these programs that vary in length from a few days to a full year.  If you have any questions, the office of the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs would be pleased to discuss the programs with you and to identify individuals in our own faculty who have pursued these opportunities.