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Executive Council of the Faculty

Dr. David T. Barnard
President and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Janice Ristock
Vice President (Academic) and Provost
(Vice-President designated by the President)

Dr. Brian Postl
Dean & Vice-Provost (Health Sciences)

Dr. Anastasia Cholakis
Dean, Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry

Dr. Netha Dyck
Dean, College of Nursing

Dr. Lalitha Raman-Wilms
Dean, College of Pharmacy

Dr. Reg Urbanowski
Dean, College of Rehabilitation Sciences

Professor Mary Bertone
Director, School of Dental Hygiene

Dr. Peter Nickerson
Vice-Dean, Research

Dr. Christine Ateah

Vice-Dean, Education

Dr. Catherine Cook

Vice-Dean, Indigenous

Dr. Sara Israels
Vice-Dean, Academic Affairs

Dr. Hope Anderson
Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies

Dr. Christine Polimeni
Vice-Dean, Continuing Competency and Assessment

Sherri Vokey
Head, Health Sciences Libraries

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty Reps


  • Raj Bhullar
  • James Gilchrist 
  • Bob Schroth


  • Chris Anderson
  • Peter Cattini     
  • Marcus Blouw
  • Geoff Hicks
  • Kelly Kaita
  • Adrienne Morrow
  • Mojgan Rastegar


  • Marie Edwards
  • Lynda Balneaves
  • Lori Davis
  • Joe Gordon
  • Pat Pruden
  • Kellie Thiessen
  • Lisa Timmerman
  • Linda Townsend


  • Silvia Alessi-Severini
  • Frank Burczynski  
  • Lavern Vercaigne 

Rehabilitation Sciences:

  • Jacquie Ripat
  • Barb Shay
  • Leanne Leclair

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Student Reps

Dentistry: Nader Shaker

Medicine: Jaymie Walker

David Gawryluk

Sarah Landry

Rehabilitation Sciences:
Tess Rowson (OT), Ruby Singh (RT), Jo Loewen (PT)


Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Staff Reps

Raman Dhaliwal, Director of Administration, Rady FHS, Ex-Officio

Nathan Dueck, Director of Finance, Rady FHS, Ex-Officio

Sophia Anastasiadis, HR Consultant, Rady FHS, Ex-Officio

Rady Faculty of Health Sciences Support Staff Reps

Maribel Abrenica, College of Rehab Sciences

Kristjana Oliver, Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry


Reference Documents



Upcoming Meeting Dates

2019: January 22, June 18, October 22
2020: February 04, May 05, August 25

NOTE: Meeting dates may be subject to change.

Meeting Minutes:


FEC Minutes – October 16, 2018
FEC Minutes – June 19, 2018
FEC Minutes – Feb. 6, 2018

FEC Minutes - Nov. 8, 2017
FEC Minutes - June 20, 2017

FEC Minutes - Jan. 17, 2017

FEC Minutes - Oct. 27, 2016
FEC Minutes - June 14, 2016
FEC Minutes - Jan. 14, 2016

FEC Minutes - Sept. 3, 2015
FEC Minutes - June 11, 2015
FEC Minutes - Feb. 24, 2015



Upcoming Meeting Dates

2019: November 26
2020: November 24

NOTE: Meeting dates may be subject to change.

Meeting Minutes:

FC Minutes – Nov. 28 2017

FC Minutes - Jan. 24, 2017

FC Minutes - Dec. 17, 2015

FC Minutes - Sept. 18, 2014

(Inaugural Council Meeting)

Governance Documentation:

Faculty Council Bylaw

College Bylaw: Dentistry


College Bylaw: Medicine


College Bylaw: Nursing

College Bylaw: Pharmacy

College Bylaw: Rehabilitation Sciences

Context: Development of  Rady FHS Council Bylaws

Local Discipline Committee (LDC)
Terms of Reference

Nominating/Goverance Committee
Terms of Reference