Governance / Policies / Bylaws

 Implementation Steering
 Committee member:
 Bev O’Connell
Dean, College of Nursing
 Lead:  Donna Collins
Department Head/Associate Professor,
 College of Rehabilitation Sciences
   Archie McNicol 
Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies; Professor,
 Oral Biology, Pharmacology, College of Dentistry

 Lavern Vercaigne 
Associate Dean (Academic); Professor
 College of Pharmacy

   Terry Klassen
Associate Dean (Academic), College of Medicine;
 Director Research/Professor, Manitoba Institute of Child  Health
   Marie Edwards
Associate Professor, College of Nursing
   Jeff Leclerc
University Secretary, Office of the University Secretary,
 University Governance
 Maria  Dzik 
 Director, Administration & Legal Counsel, College of Medicine
 Janesca Kydd 
Legal Counsel, College of Medicine
 Archie Cooper
Professor Emeritus, College of Medicine