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Personal Management: the Healthy Step

As graduate students, it is too easy to get caught up in the constant barrage of coursework, term papers, exams and, of course, research. The objective of the Healthy Step is to help facilitate your academic success without compromising your mental or physical health, or your interpersonal relationships. Indeed many of the workshops in the Healthy Step will demonstrate that the opposite is true and that success in a graduate program is facilitated by good well-being and healthy relationships.

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Building and Maintaining Relationships during Busy Times
1 hour
Student Counselling Centre
Graduate studies can and often does create stress in romantic relationships. This workshop will focus on research derived strategies for maintaining and enhancing your romantic relationship that are practical and effective. For example, come and find out what two things research has shown can predict whether your romantic relationship will last and how satisfied you’ll be with 94% accuracy.

From Counting Sheep, to Sleep: Importance of Proper Sleep Hygiene
1.5 hours
Health and Wellness Educator
Life is busy. Juggling work, studies, family and friends, our sleep is often the first thing to go. We readily sacrifice sleep for seemingly more important tasks, tumbling us into a trap of sleepless nights and exhausted mornings. This workshop will explore the importance of sleep, why it’s a priority, and some helpful tips to finally get a good nights rest.

Get Active Everyday, Your Way - For Life
45 mins
Active Living
What can people do to become more active? Too much to do and too little time. It's time to reduce stress and celebrate life. We know that small successes over extended periods of time lead to meaningful lifestyle changes and overall health. In this presentation you will be equipped with knowledge on how to make these changes, and we will help you get started with positive steps towards an active and healthier life."

How to Assert Yourself
1.5 hours
Student Counselling Centre
This workshop is for grad students who wish to cultivate a better relationship with themselves and others through enhancing emotional awareness, emotional health and emotional maturity.

Introduction to Mindfulness
1 hour
Student Counselling Centre
Mindfulness, the practice of paying attention, can help to settle the mind and body in the present moment. Mindfulness has been well supported with research to be helpful in improving overall wellness, managing stress, and in the management of some mental health concerns. This workshop will offer a basic introduction to the concept and practice of mindfulness using both lecture and experiential practice. Information will be provided for those interested in additional opportunities to learn about and practice mindfulness.

Nurturing Spirituality
1.5 hours
University Chaplain
In the busyness of student life, spiritual wellness can become the least of our concerns! Yet humans are innately spiritual beings, interested in the big questions of life. This can be a source of both comfort and distress. Discover how nurturing your spiritual wellness can contribute to lower stress and a more balanced student career. Explore the meaning of human spirituality and the ancient practice of the labyrinth.

Relationship Strengthening: A Workshop for Couples
2 hours
Student Counselling Centre
We can all feel like there is not always enough time for everything, and sometimes this can feel challenging in our relationships too. We want to share two pieces of information with you, empirically derived, that are able to predict with 94% accuracy whether your relationship will last and whether you will be satisfied with it. Based on even one of these concepts, divorce and stability can be predicted with 83% accuracy and satisfaction can be predicted with 80% accuracy. In this workshop, we will discuss and engage couples in activities that can enhance and strengthen their relationship.

Stress Management
1 hour
Student Counselling Centre
The demands of graduate school combined with other life pressures (e.g. employment, financial concerns, relationships) can result in graduate students experiencing high levels of stress. This workshop will look at why students often fail to manage stress well and provide information about effective stress management strategies. In particular, this workshop will focus on teaching relaxation techniques and discussing the importance of self-care.

Work Relationship Challenges in Graduate Studies
1.5 hours
Student Counselling Centre
It is common for relationship challenges to occur in all areas of life and especially in the high stress environment of graduate studies. Even in healthy and positive relationships, there will be disagreements and/or conflict, which can lead to high levels of stress and a negative working environment. This workshop will focus on how to work effectively with others (fellow students, thesis advisors and others) while in graduate studies.

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I am so glad I attended. I am usually able to take away some useful information for any of the graduate student workshops I attend; however, the sleep hygiene workshop has been the most helpful and has had the most positive immediate impact on me.
End Quote
– From Counting Sheep, to Sleep: Importance of Proper Sleep Hygiene