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Planning with Intention: the Career Step

Regardless of the stage of your graduate program, it is never too early to start thinking about, and planning for, the next step, whether that be the next degree or on to a career. The objective of the Career Step is to give you some basic skills to help you both find a job and succeed in that job. For those considering academia, workshops on successful Tri-Council grant writing are available, and we’re not forgetting that most important of issues – financial planning.

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Academia or Industry? What's Your Plan?
1.5 hours
Career Services
An interactive workshop to explore career options either in Academia or industry, understanding your skills and experience and how they are valued in the workplace. Start thinking NOW about life after graduation.

Basics of Conflict Resolution
1.5 hours
Human Rights Office
Interpersonal conflict is a part of human relationships. For graduate students, added elements of evaluation and competition in the academy create complex situations.Ê This workshop introduces a model for understanding interpersonal conflict, and strategies for responding and preventing escalation.

CIHR Grant Writing
1 hour
U of M Staff
This grant writing workshop will provide an overview of grant writing, and peer review process for CIHR and other funding agencies. The workshop is designed to help prepare basic scientists and clinical investigators for writing and submitting a national or international peer reviewed grant application. The workshop will provide details for the grant submission process and approaches for successful funding.

Disability Studies: Opening Doors and Creating Opportunities
1 hour
Disability Studies
The Interdisciplinary Master's Program in Disability Studies is the first graduate program of its kind in Canada. There are one billion people with disabilities world-wide and the numbers are increasing. Graduates of the Disability Studies program have been very successful in finding employment. Come and explore the possibilities.

Effective Networking for a Successful Job Search
1.5 hours
Career Services
Attend this interactive workshop to learn how to build an effective network, crucial to performing a successful job search! Get ready to put this knowledge into practice and learn how to present your skills and expertise to potential employers.

Grant Writing for Graduate Students – SSHRC Talent Program
1 hour
Research Facilitator
Grant writing skills are essential for putting together a high quality scholarship application. Research Facilitators will introduce students to the basics of writing and organizing scholarship and fellowship applications. The focus will be on the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Luck Isn’t Everything: Creating Your Own Opportunities
1.5 hours
Student Counselling Centre
Learn how you can create unexpected opportunities for yourself by recognizing and including chance events into your life plan.

Managing Your Digital Identity
1 hour
Access and Privacy Office
This session, offered by the Access and Privacy Office, will focus on reviewing the University of Manitoba’s obligation to comply with access to information and protection of privacy laws and the relationship between these laws and the use of social media. The discussion will also include a review of relevant policies, procedures and guidelines and professional standards. Additional information will include reviewing use of social media by staff, faculty and students and a useful discussion on social media tips and tricks for success. (Previous title: Social Media: Friend or Unfriend)

NSERC Grant Writing
1 hour
This workshop will describe the process involved in applying for an NSERC Discovery Grant. As a researcher that is currently funded by the NSERC Discovery Grants program and as a former member of the Grant Selection Committee, the primary aim of the workshop will be to communicate strategies for developing a competitive grant application and to warn attendees of pitfalls to success in securing a Discovery Grant. As part of this objective, the workshop will include a discussion of the process that NSERC relies upon to determine whether a grant application should be funded and, if so, what level of funding it should receive.

Resumé or CV? How to Market Your Skills
1.5 hours
Career Services
Your skills and experience are valued in the workplace. Do you know what they are? This workshop will help graduate students identify the skills they have gained from their academic programs and other experiences (e.g., internships, experiential education, work and volunteering). Connect your skills with employability skills that are valued in the workplace and find success in finding work. Not sure when to use a resume or CV when applying for a job? You’ll learn about the differences, tips, and strategies to help you get the job you want.

SSHRC Doctoral Scholarships/Fellowships – Managing Your Application
1 hour
Research Facilitator
Research Facilitators will provide detailed information on the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship application process (Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships and SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships). Students are encouraged to bring their own devices for this hand-on workshop.

Skills Employers are Looking For - Making the Connection
2 hours
Workplace Education Manitoba
This is an interactive workshop delivering practical strategies and tools for recognizing, connecting and communicating your value to an employer. Manitoba employers need a skilled workforce that’s efficient, effective and adaptable, while workers need the skills required for success at work. It’s more than just technical knowledge and skills. Equally, employers emphasize the importance of Essential Skills and Personal Management Basics (PMBs).

To effectively tell the full story of all you can bring to a workplace, you first need to be able to see all the skills, abilities and attributes employers say they’re looking for. Then you need a way to identify, give value to and communicate the skills and attributes you have – as well as put together a plan for gaining those you don’t.

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Planning with Intention: the Career Step
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– Effective Networking for a Successful Job Search