Graduate Studies Registration FAQ

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1. How do I register for my Graduate Program?

Registration for your courses is available online in Aurora Student.  If you have any questions about your graduate program, please contact your department.

2. Where do I get a copy of the Graduate Calendar?

The Graduate Calendar is available online, and distributed through the Registrar's Office.


1. What will my fees be?

The FGS office does not set, assess or collect fees. Fees are assessed through the Registrar’s Office and collected through the Cashier’s Office. Although FGS can reply to general concerns/questions regarding fees, it is best to speak directly to the office concerned.


1. How do I apply for a leave of absence?

You must complete a Leave of Absence form, available [here], and have it approved by your major department. Once completed, the form should be submitted to FGS.

2. How can I apply for an extension of time in my program?

You must complete the Time Extension Request form, available [here], and submit it to your major department for recommendation to FGS at least four months prior to the deadline date for completion of program requirements.


1. What steps do I need to take to graduate once I have completed my program requirements?

Once you have submitted your final thesis on or before the deadline date, you are automatically put on the graduation list. You will receive your graduation information in the mail.

2. Why are graduation deadlines for fall convocation so early?

Graduation deadlines for Fall convocation are when they are because the graduation lists must be finalized not only by FGS, but by the Registrar's Office and Senate. Fall convocation is the largest for the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Once the graduation lists are complete, they go to the relevant department, where the lists are checked again for any problems. Because of this entire process, the deadline date is actually as late as possible. In order to be fair to all students who intend to graduate in the Fall, this deadline is strict and the deadline dates are published in the Calendar. Department are also notified well ahead of time.


1. If I am having problems with my advisor, a professor, or my department, what steps can I take to resolve them?

If you are having problems with your advisor or professor, you should go to the department head to discuss the problem. If you cannot go to the head of the department for any reason, then the problem should be taken to Student Advocacy/Student Resource Services located at 519 University Centre. You may also wish to speak to the Dean of FGS to discuss the problem.

2. Where can I get help writing my thesis? I am looking for help with grammar and style.

The Academic Learning Centre has a number of resources available to students and some that are expressly meant for graduate students.

Funding & Awards

For frequently asked questions about Funding & Awards, please visit the Funding FAQ [here].