Funding and Awards
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Listed below are some of the major Awards, Scholarships and other sources of funding for Canadian, Landed Immigrant and Permanent Residents. International students should refer to the International Awards page. 


External granting agency fellowships

NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR and MHRC have a value in excess of $16,000/yr. Normally the deadlines for these competitions are prior to December of the academic year preceding the year when funding begins. Applicants of NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR usually must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.  Please check the appropriate website for the most up to date information. MHRC does not have a citizenship requirement.


University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF)

Beginning with the 2009/2010 academic year the UMGF will be further devolved to the Unit level. A unit is typically a Department but in the case of non-departmentalized faculties (e.g., Kinesology and Recreation Management, Law, Music, Pharmacy, and Social Work) can refer to a faculty, or even a program (e.g., Applied Health, Disability Studies Peace and Conflict Studies). UMGFs are being further devolved to the Unit level to increase the flexibility to whom and when these scholarships are awarded.  Please check with your unit in January for details on how to be considered for a UMGF in your unit.


Manitoba Graduate Scholarships for Master’s Students (MGS)

The Government of Manitoba has provided funds to ensure that Manitoba’s best students continue education at home, to foster research that leads to economic growth and to attract excellent students to study in Manitoba. These funds are used to offer the Manitoba Graduate Scholarship (MGS).


Faculty/Departmental Bursary/Scholarship/Award

It is the responsibility of the department, academic unit or faculty administering these awards to determine deadlines and, at times, values. Consequently, they vary greatly. Application forms for these awards are generally available in the Faculty/Department or the Financial Aid and Awards Office, 422 University Centre (Phone 474-9533).


Research and Teaching Assistantship Opportunities

Many departments and academic units require help from graduate students in conducting undergraduate classes and laboratories. Some academic units also offer research assistantships. In many cases graduate students in the preparation of their theses may use the research undertaken.


Canadian federal, provincial and territorial government loans/bursaries

Application for these need-based loans/bursaries is made to the province or territory where the student is considered a resident. Provincial rules vary but, in general, students may use the loan to study at the university of their choice, in any province. These loans are guaranteed, interest free, and need not be repaid as long as the recipient is enrolled in a full-time course of study. They can be accumulated over several years and the repayment period may extend to ten years. Further information on federal/provincial loans is available at the University of Manitoba’s Financial Aid and Awards Office, 422 University Centre (Phone: 474-9534).