Graduate Studies Award Application Tips

1. Carefully read and follow all instructions.
2. Ensure your name appears on each page you submit and numbered if applicable, for example, when submitting a research proposal.
3. Incomplete applications may be considered ineligible.
4. Ensure all information is typed.
5. All supporting documentation must accompany the application.
6. A transcript or student history must be submitted in a sealed and stamped envelope.
7. If ordering a Student History, request that the name of the award you are applying to is stated on the envelope addressed to our office.
8. Provide referee with sufficient time to review your application and provide a well written reference.
9. Ensure your referee is willing to provide a positive reference.
10. Ask the person who is acting as a reference to provide the name of the award in his/her letter.
11. Reference letters are to be sealed with the referee’s signature across the flap.
12. Extra information provided that is not part of the required documentation will not be considered.
13. Any faxed documents must also be mailed.
14. Ask advisor to review application and provide constructive criticism.
15. Proof read your application carefully.
16. Proposal should be written clearly and concisely. Avoid using overly technical language as the proposal may be reviewed by committee members who do not have a background in the area of research.