PhD Oral Exam: Video Conference

The Faculty of Graduate Studies encourages units to have external examiners participate in the Ph.D. oral examination. While it is desirable to have the examiner present at the examination, it is understood that it may be too expensive or too time-consuming for an external examiner to travel to the University of Manitoba campus.

The University of Manitoba has excellent videoconferencing facilities. They may be used for University of Manitoba oral examinations with an external examiner at another institution, and they can be used if the University of Manitoba faculty member is the external examiner and the examination is held at another institution.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies encourages graduate programs to experiment with Ph.D. oral examinations by videoconference where it is not possible for an external examiner to be present. Please contact Information Services & Technology (IST) to ask about current rates for Oral Examinations. Further information is available at IST's website.