Graduate Studies Forms

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Master's Forms

Report on comprehensive examination PDF
Thesis/practicum proposal PDF
Thesis/practicum title & appointment of examiners PDF
Thesis/practicum final report PDF
Report on Master of Engineering project & report PDF
Program Route Change PDF

Ph.D. Forms

Program of study & appointment of advisory committee PDF
Thesis proposal PDF
Report on Ph.D. candidacy examination PDF
Approval to Proceed PDF
Oral defense video conferencing information Go to page

Programs Forms

Advance Credit - transfer of credit PDF
Change of Name Form PDF
Continuing Status (CO) Form PDF
Leave of Absence Form PDF
Progress Report (best viewed with Adobe Reader) PDF
Time Extension Request Form PDF
Permission for Concurrent Curriculum Form PDF
Focus on Aging - Student Intention PDF
Focus on Aging - Student Intention PDF
Request for In-Person Access for Candidacy Examinations PDF


Letter of Permission Forms
**Forms must be received one month prior to start of term**

Letter of Permission (to study at another university for transfer of credit)
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Western Canadian Dean's Agreement PDF
CUGTA (Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement) PDF

Appeal Forms

Graduate Student Academic Appeal Form and Processes PDF
Graduate Student Discipline Appeal Form and Processes PDF
Recommendation to deal with failed grades PDF

Awards Forms

Funding, Awards and Scholarships Go to page
Emergency Loan Form PDF
GETS (Graduate Enhancement of Tri-Council Stipends) *FACULTY ONLY* See Awards Forms Page
GETS (Graduate Enhancement of Tri-Council Stipends) Guidelines *FACULTY ONLY* See Awards Forms Page

Registration Forms

Part-Time Status Form PDF
Registration Form PDF
*NEW - Replaces Registration Revision Form*

Department Change Forms

Course Introductions *STAFF ONLY*PDF
Course Deletions *STAFF ONLY* PDF
Course Modifications *STAFF ONLY* PDF
Supplemental Regulations Template *STAFF ONLY* DOC
New Graduate Program Statement of Intent (SOI) *STAFF ONLY*PDF


Awards applications and related online forms can be found here.