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Recommender FAQ


Error Message: Please enter a value
Resolution: A required field on the form has been left blank. Please enter a response for all required fields that are marked with a red asterisk (*)

Error Message: Please select 1 item
Resolution: One or more of the required drop-down scales have been left blank. If you are unable to provide an evaluation for any of the categories please select 'No basis for evaluation'.

Error Message: Please enter a valid number
Resolution: The section labeled 'For academic recommendations only' has a non-numerical value entered. Only numbers can be entered in these fields. Values such as: zero; 1,000; 500+; will generate an error. Please remove any commas, special characters such as the plus sign (+), hyphens (-), slashes (/), asterisks (*), etc prior to proceeding.

Error Message: Unable to process your application at this time. Please try later.
Resolution: Please check to ensure hyphens (-) are not entered in the fields located in the section 'For academic recommendations only'. Please remove any hyphens and either leave the field blank or enter the number 0. This should resolve the error.

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If you require further assistance please contact our office via email at or phone at 204.474.9377.