Recommender FAQ


I’m receiving an error message when I try to submit a recommendation for an applicant

Recommendation form error messages and what they mean:

Please enter a value
A field in the Recommender Information section has not been completed.

Please select 1 item
One of the Recommendation section scales requires that a response be selected.

Please enter a valid number
The For academic recommendations only section has a non-numerical value entered – zero, 1,000, 500+ all cause this error. Only numbers can be entered in this field (e.g., 0, 1000, 500).

Unable to process your application at this time. Please try later.
The For academic recommendations only section has a hyphen entered instead of a number. Once the hyphen (-) is removed and replaced with a zero, the submission should be successful.

More Questions?

My question is still not answered. Who should I contact?

If you require further assistance please contact our office via email at or phone at 204.474.9377.