Standard Curriculum Vitae Format




Position/rank in the University


Tenure date
(leave blank if not tenured)


(start with most recent position and continue in reverse chronological order)


Position Institution/Organization Dates


Academic Honours/Awards


Professional and Scholarly Activities


Graduate Training

a) Number of students supervised, degree, status of students (i.e. completed or in progress)

b) Graduate courses taught in the last 5 years (by number, title and year)


Research Funding
(indicate title of project, source(s), amount, year(s), principal or co-applicant)

a) Internal Grants
b) External Grants
c) Contracts


(past 5 years; start with most recent publication and continue in reverse chronological order)

a) Papers in refereed journals
b) Papers in refereed conference proceedings
c) Scholarly books authored
d) Chapters in books
e) Major invited contributions
f) Abstracts
g) Other