Program Proposal Process Timeline

Timeline Dates | Notes

Proposal to Implementation Timeline

The dates below reflect the best possible scenario for the implementation of a new program from the proposal stage to intake of students (note: most programs take up to 6 months longer that this). Departments are advised to allow for delays in the process (external review, revisions, etc.) and should submit their proposal, complete with all required documentaiton, as early as possible. Note that proposals may be submitted at any time.

Please refer to our flowchart outlining additional steps prior to the submission of your proposal.

FGS must receive the COPSE statement of intent from unit before the proposal is considered. The Statement of Intent is discussed in the Academic Programs Committee (APC) for suggestions to the unit. The unit sends the Statement of Intent to the VP Academic's office who forwards it to COPSE.

Please note that for a new graduate program proposal to be considered at APC, the proposal and ALL supporting documentation must be submitted to the Associate Dean one month prior to the APC meeting.


Timeline Dates

January 15 FGS receives Statement of Intent (SOI)
February 15 FGS Academic Programs Committee reviews SOI
March 15 Receive Proposal
April 15 FGS Academic Programs Committee reviews proposal
May 1 Complete proposal revisions and supply names of potential external reviewers.
June 30 Site visit by reviewers to be completed
August 1 External Reviewer report due in FGS
September 3 Submit Response from Proposers to Reviewers comments and revised proposal (if required) to FGS for distribution to APC
September 16 APC meet to recommend proposal approval
October 23 FGS Executive meet to endorse APC recommendation to Council
November 14 FGS Council meet to endorse APC recommendation to Senate
January 8 en Planning and Priorities Ctte to submit report to Senate Exec
January 22 Senate Exec
February 5 Senate
March 11 Academic Affairs Ctte of the Board of Governors
March 26 Board of Governors
March 31 COPSE receives proposal
May 30 COPSE approval - can take 60 days to make decision
June 2 Letter approving implementation from VP Academic
September 1 Intake of students



Note 1: dates are not exact but a close approximation of key dates in the process.

Note 2: The process may begin at any date, but some meetings in the timeline are generally fixed, e.g., FGS Council meets in May and November with an optional meeting in February.