Program Proposal Approval Process


#1 Unit meets with Dean or Associate Dean

Unit requests meeting of Dean and/or Associate Dean to discuss merits of idea/proposal.

  • The Discussion centres on the idea and the COPSE Statement of Intent.
  • The Budget Dean of the unit proposing the new program should attend as well.



#2 Unit contacts SPPC

Unit to acquaint SPPC with the plan for a new program and perhaps seek any advice on the preparation of the proposal.

  • Serves of "informal" advance notice of impending proposal.



#3 Unit outlines proposal and COPSE statement of intent

Unit prepares outline of program proposal and draft of COPSE letter of intent and submits to Associate Dean.

  • Unit is invited to present proposal/statement of intent to the Academic Programs Committee (APC).



#4 APC reviews COPSE statement of intent

APC discusses and provides advice for unit on enhancing the COPSE statement of intent.

  • Those contemplating a new graduate program should contact the Vice-Provost and Dean



#5 Vice-Provost (Academic Planning & Programs) reviews statement of intent

FGS sends statement of intent to Vice-Provost (Academic Planning & Programs) for review and submission to COPSE.

  • Unit may work on full program proposal at this stage.



#6 COPSE reviews statement of intent

COPSE reviews letter of intent and responds to VP Academic office.



#7 Unit develops proposal

Unit prepares detailed submission of proposal

  • Keeps FGS informed of progress in order that FGS may be able to provide assistance.
  • Relevant dept./unit council approval required, library approval required and other necessary support statements.
  • Approval of Faculty Council of 'submitting' unit and Budget Dean approval required.



#8 Unit submits proposal

Unit submits complete proposal (in accordance with new program proposal guidelines) to Associate Dean.

  • Academic Guide Committee of FGS comments on Supplemental Regulations of the new Graduate program.
  • APC to review, make recommendations to improve the proposal and recommend that the proposal go to external review.



#9 Unit submits resumes of external reviewers

Unit submits “resumes” (get template for resumes here) for 5 potential external reviewers; 2 of whom will be selected by FGS.



#10 External reviewers assess proposal

External Reviewers conduct an on site assessment of the proposal. Their report is submitted to FGS within a month of the site visit.



#11 Unit submits proposal revisions to Associate Dean

Unit responds to external review team recommendations/comments and submits revised proposal to Associate Dean.

APC reviews and discusses response and if satisfied, makes a recommendation that the Faculty Council of FGS endorse the approval of the program proposal to Senate.



#12 FGS Council endorses proposal

Associate Dean submits the proposal to the Executive Committee of FGS for endorsement to FGS Council.

Faculty Council of Grad Studies endorses proposal. Proposal sent to University Secretariat for formal transmission to the Senate Planning and Priorities Committee (SPPC).



#13 SPPC endorses proposal

SPPC reviews, comments and endorses proposal and returns it to University Secretariat



#14 University Secretariat forwards proposal to Senate Executive Committee

University Secretariat forwards proposal with SPPC comments to Senate Executive Committee



#15 Proposal is placed on Senate Agenda

Senate Executive reviews, comments and places on Senate Agenda



#16 Senate approves proposal

Senate Approval



#17 Proposal recommended for approval to Board of Governors

Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Governors reviews proposal and recommends approval to the Board



#18 Board of Governors approves proposal

Board of Governors Approval



#19 COPSE approves proposal

COPSE Approval - May take up to 60 days.



#20 Vice-President (Academic) writes letter to implement proposed program

Letter from VP Academic to implement - A program may not be implemented until authorization from the VP Academic is received.