Graduate Program Review

In May 2000, Senate approved the periodic review of all graduate programs at the University of Manitoba. Approximately eighteen graduate programs will be reviewed each year such that all graduate programs will have been reviewed within a seven year period. The first cycle of reviews began in October 2001, and the second in July 2010.

Units undergoing a graduate program review should acquaint themselves with the process, the Senate-approved Periodic Review of Graduate Programs document (see below) and information relating to compiling the internal review report. Reviews of joint graduate programs between the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg are governed by the Periodic Review of the Joint Graduate Programs document (available soon).

The Program Review Package, including report specifications, templates and standard tables, is provided below in Microsoft Word (.docx) format.  Please review the report specifications (format, copies, binding) prior to compiling and submitting your report.

Schedule and Timeline:

Full Program Review Package [click here to download]

  • Please note, if you encounter any difficulties in downloading the Program Review Package, please try downloading the file using a different web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  There is a known issue with some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer in improperly handling some types of Microsoft Office documents.  If you try this and still encounter difficulties, please contact our office and we will provide you with the file directly.