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Computer Accounts & Services
Staff Benefits Information
Staff Benefits – Claim Forms

Important Dates & Deadlines (including Academic Schedules)

Academic Resources:

Promotion and Tenure:
Promotion and Tenure Application Forms
Developing Your Teaching Dossier (.pdf)
UMFA Agreement Article 20 Promotion (.pdf)
UMFA Agreement Article 19 Tenure (.pdf)
Research/Study Leave and Administrative Leave:
Research/Study Leave and Administrative Leave Application Forms
UMFA Agreement 21 Research/Study Leave and Administrative Leave (.pdf)

AV & Classroom Technology Support
Course Construction & Organization
Examination Regulations
Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
Workshops for Professional Development

Responsibilities with regards to students


Vice-President (Academic) and Provost:
Faculty and Advisor Resources
Research Grant & Contract Forms
My Research Tools
Policies & Guidelines in Regards to Research 
NEW Faculty Information:
New Faculty Orientation
New Faculty Program 
Faculty Recruitment
Recruitment/Retention Forms & Templates
Workshop for Chairs and Other Members of Search Committees
UM-UMFA Collective Agreement Article 18. Hiring of Members (.pdf)
Academic Awards & Nominations:
Academic Awards and Honours
Annual Outreach Awards
Nomination Forms:  Distinguished Professor/Service, Peter D. Curry Award, Honorary Degree
Professor Emeritus: Nomination form and Governing documents
Travel and Conference Sponsorship Program
U of M Funding Opportunities (Internal)