Department of Environment and Geography:

Fields of Research
Department research activities span a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities, including: the evolution of the cultural landscape; aging; maritime shipbuilding and seaports; homelessness; global (and China’s) energy supplies; global food and agriculture; alternative energy sources; replacement of petroleum feedstock in petrochemical industry; speciation, cycling, and bioavailability of trace elements across environmental interfaces; animal geographies; applied meteorology; drought analysis; microclimatology, greenhouse gas source-sink analysis; geographies of health, care giving and care work in urban and rural settings; human-animal relations.

The Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) was established in 1994 with a mandate to research, preserve and communicate knowledge of Earth system processes using the technologies of Earth Observation Science. Research is multidisciplinary and collaborative seeking to understand the complex interrelationships between elements of Earth systems, and how these systems will likely respond to climate change. Although researchers have worked in many regions, the Arctic marine system has always been a unifying focus of activity.

Department of Geological Sciences:

Recognized as one of Canada's leading geoscience units, we are a dynamic and diverse group interested in a broad range of research in the geological sciences.  Areas of study include mineralogy and crystallography; environmental mineralogy and geochemistry; sedimentology and quaternary studies; invertebrate paleontology; crustal and mantle geophysics; applied/environmental geophysics; petrology and tectonics; mineral deposits; Arctic, marine and freshwater systems.

Research Profiles

Natural Resources Institute:
The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) at the University of Manitoba was established in 1968 as a degree-granting, interdisciplinary unit with a threefold purpose: to provide graduate education in the area of natural resources and environmental management; to conduct useful research on actual resource and environmental problems; and to provide a forum for examining problems in resource use and environmental management.

CRC Centre for Community-Based Resource Management
Disaster Research Institute
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