Research Facilities

Department of Environment and Geography

Environmental Conservation Lab
Lab Research Coordinator: Stephane McLachlan
Location: 303 Wallace Building

Stress Ecology Research Group
Supervisor: Mark Hanson
Location: 216 Wallace Building

Ultra-Clean Trace Element Laboratory (UCTEL)
Supervisor: Feiyue Wang
Location: 537A Wallace Building

Department of Geological Sciences

X-Ray (Mineralogy and Crystallography) Laboratories
Supervisor: Frank Hawthorne
Location: 413 to 418 Wallace Building

Microbeam and Image Analysis Laboratory
Supervisor: Norman Halden
Location: 421 and 423 Wallace Building

Geochemistry Laboratory
Supervisor: Norman Halden
Location: 422 and 427 Wallace Building

Mass Spectrometry Laboratories
Supervisors: Mostafa Fayek and Norman Halden
Location: 425, 426 and 431 Wallace Building

High Temperature and Pressure Experimental Laboratory
Supervisor: Anton Chakhmouradian
Location: 429 Wallace Building

Sedimentological and Paleontological Laboratories

Supervisors: Nancy Chow, Paul Durkin and Bob Elias
Location: 360 and 362 Wallace Building

Geophysical Laboratories
Supervisors: Ian Ferguson and Andrew Frederiksen