Congratulations 2017 Graduates and Award Winners!

Governor General’s Gold Medal Award - recognizes the outstanding performance of a graduate student. This award is based on overall academic excellence through coursework, research, awards and distinctions. –  Jean Polfus

University of Manitoba Gold Medal for Highest Standing in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty - David Moore; Bachelor of Environmental Studies

Program Medals - Awarded for highest standing in a Clayton H. Riddell Faculty program.

•    Honours Degree – Troy Szaura, Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours).
•    General Degree – Nathan Kroeger, Bachelor of Environmental Studies (General)

Distinguished Dissertation Award from the Faculty of Graduate studies – Jean Polfus

V.E. Barber Memorial Fellowship in Arctic Research - The Award is offered annually to graduate students who undertake thesis research pertaining to the Arctic. This year, 4 awards were awarded:

  Jonathan Andrews
Aurelie Delaforge
Annie Eastwood
Krista Kenyon
M.Sc., Environment & Geography
Ph.D., Geography
M.Sc., Environment & Geography
M.Sc., Environment & Geography

Berkes Graduate Scholarship in Community-Based Research - for an outstanding graduate student who is pursuing studies in community-based research methods including, but not limited to, community-based resource and environmental management, conservation and planning – Inga Schierholz

Karen Palidwor Memorial Fellowship in Forest and Wildlife Management— for a student at the Natural Resources Institute conducting research addressing wildlife/forestry management interaction in Manitoba and working on a thesis project which will result in a practical application of sustainable forest management – Kurtis Ulrich

Henley Graduate Scholarship in Natural Resources Development & Stewardship Manitoba – for an outstanding student pursuing studies in natural resources management – Jeanette Sivilay

Stantec Graduate Fellowship in Environment, Earth, and Resources for a student whom is enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in the second year of a Masters’ program delivered by the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources at the University of Manitoba and is working on an approved Master’s thesis focused on one or more areas of interest to Stantec, including: environmental assessment, energy and resources, water, mining, and/or infrastructure. – Adam Vanderpont

The Sally and Keith Caldwell Teaching Assistant Award
– awarded to students whom demonstrate passion and ability in their field of study and in the sub-discipline being taught. They must be high-achieving, outgoing, helpful, and invested in the teaching enterprise. 

Greg Ashcroft
Reid Campbell
Maxwell Day
Heather Kyle

Graduate Initiative Prize - For a student who is enrolled full-time in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, in any Master’s or Doctoral program delivered by a unit in the Riddell Faculty, who has demonstrated a commitment to voluntary service that has developed, built upon and/or contributed to a local, regional, national, or international initiative that serves the greater good – Aurelie Delaforge Ph.D. candidate, and Karley Campbell Ph.D. candidate

Undergraduate Thesis Prize. This is awarded for the student who has submitted the best undergraduate thesis.  Ian receives this award for his undergraduate thesis “Geochronology of uraninite from the Witwatersrand Basin, SA: evidence of a reducing atmosphere” – Ian Burron

Undergraduate Initiative Prize - For a student who has completed at least one year of full-time study in the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources, with good academic standing who has by their efforts and accomplishments developed, built upon and/or contributed to a local, regional, national, or international initiative that serves the greater good – Chantal Cadger Maclean.

Mark G. Smerchanski Memorial Prize
for a student who has successfully completed the Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences (Honours) or (Major) degree Geology or Geophysics Option, and has achieved the highest aggregate mark in courses offered by the Department of Geological Sciences – Ian Burron

William H. Hill Memorial Award for achievement at a high level in Geological Sciences – Lauren Timlick

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards and Undergraduate Research Awards - These awards are intended to stimulate the interest of undergraduate students in research by providing them with valuable experience in a scientific research environment, and to encourage them to undertake graduate studies.

Carlyn Allary
Neal Bailey 
Meaghan Bartley
Katarina Djordjevic
Leanna Fehr
Alessia Guzzi
Samantha Line
Nicole Loeb
Ainsleigh Loria
Sabina Mastrolonardo
Dale Maxwell
Sonya Michaleski
Kendra Small
Hannah Polaczek
Jacqueline Twilley
Nicholaus Zilinski

Emerging Leader Award recognizes the outstanding contributions that students make to the enhancement of the institution and our community – 2 winners - Emma Ausen and Emelia (Emma) Ross

UofM Cooperative Education Student Champion of the Year - Tiffany Pastrick. During Tiffany’s placement with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, she researched and created educational programs for the Centre, which is still under construction and co-authored and designed a children’s book, Wildlife in Your Backyard. Tiffany has completed Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Course in pursuit of becoming a certified wildlife rehabilitator, as well as, a certified wildlife biologist.

Students’ Teacher Recognition
This award gives an outstanding graduating student the opportunity to honour the teacher who has made an important contribution to their education.  
Dr. John Hanesiak was selected by Kayla Bilous for recognition under the 2017 Students’ Teacher Recognition Program organized by University Teaching Services.

Award of Excellence for First Year Undergraduate Teaching:
Lisa Ford - Department of Environment and Geography

Student nomination: “Lisa uses humour and personal stories to add to material, this technique enhances learning and understanding. She also offers suggestions on ho to remember difficult concepts. Lisa is always accessible outside of classroom hours. She responds to emails quickly and she goes out of her way to help individual students. She genuinely cares for her students and it shows.”  

Award of Excellence for Undergraduate Teaching
Dr. Ronald Stewart
- Department of Environment and Geography

Student nomination: “Dr. Stewart’s teaching encourages thinking beyond individual concepts and forces you to really apply yourself. Dr. Stewart helped me believe in my ability and has allowed me to become more disciplined, focused, and open-minded.” 


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