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Remember that the SPC mesoanalysis regions change from day to day.

Basic Surface
Basic Upper Air
Wind Shear
Storm-relative Winds
Composite Indices
Multiple-parameter Fields
Heavy Rainfall
Winter Weather
Fire Weather


Surface Observations

Visible Satellite Imagery

Base Reflectivity

Basic Surface

MSL Pressure/Wind


Moisture Convergence

Theta-E Advection

2-hr Pres Change

Basic Upper Air

850 mb Analysis

700 mb Analysis

500 mb Analysis

300 mb Analysis

Deep Moisture Conv

Surface Frontogenesis

850 mb Temperature Advection

850 mb Frontogenesis

700 mb Frontogenesis

850-700 mb Frontogenesis

700-500 mb Frontogenesis

700-400 mb Diff. Vorticity Advection

400-250 mb Pot. Vorticity Advection

850-250 mb Diff. Divergence

300 mb Jet Circulation

Thermodynamic Fields


100mb MLCAPE


SB Lifted Index

Mid Level Lapse Rates

Low Level Lapse Rates

Normalized CAPE

Downdraft CAPE

LFC Height

LCL Height


3-hour SBCAPE change

3-hour MLCAPE change

3-hour MUCAPE change

3-hour low-level lapse rate change

6-hour mid-level lapse rate change

Wind Shear

850-300mb mean wind

0-6km Shear Vector

0-8km Shear Vector

Effective Shear

BRN Shear

0-1km SR Helicity

0-3km SR Helicity

Effective SR Helicity

0-1km Shear Vector

850 & 500 mb Winds

3-hour 0-3km SRH change

0-1km bulk shear and 3-hour change

0-6km bulk shear and 3-hour change

Storm-relative Winds

0-2km SR Winds

4-6km SR Winds

9-11km SR Winds

Anvil Level SR Winds

Composite Indices

Supercell Composite

Supercell Composite (left-moving)

Sig. Tornado (fixed layer)

Sig. Tornado (effective layer)

Sig. Hail Parameter

Derecho Composite

Craven/Brooks SigSvr

3km EHI

1km EHI

3km VGP

MCS maintenance

Multi-parameter Fields

MUCAPE / eff. bulk shear

MULI / 850 and 500 mb winds

LCL hght / 0-1 km SRH

0-3 km LR / 0-3 km MLCAPE

3km Cape & Sfc Vort

sfc dewpoint / 700-500 mb LR

Hail Parameters

Heavy Rainfall

Precipitable Water

850 mb Moisture Transport

Upwind Propagation Vector

Winter Weather

Surface Wet Bulb Temperature

Freezing Level Info.

Critical Thickness

800-750mb EPVg

650-500mb EPVg

Lake Effect Snow 1

Lake Effect Snow 2

Fire Weather

Surface RH, Temperature, Wind

Fosberg Index

Low Altitude Haines Index

Mid Altitude Haines Index

High Altitude Haines Index

Lower Atmos. Severity Index

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