Dr. Bonnie C. Hallman

Associate Professor
Senior Fellow, St. John’s College
224 St. John’s College



Prior to my arrival at the University of Manitoba in 2001, I was a faculty member from 1997-2001 at the California State University, Chico. I am a three-time graduate of the University of Guelph, Ontario, earning my doctorate in Human Geography in June 1997.

Initially my research focused on the intersection of human geography and social gerontology, specifically looking at issues of family caregiving, community-based services for seniors, and residential seniors care, with a particular focus on issues in rural communities in Canada. In later years, my focus broadened to look at the geographies of family life more generally, perhaps best represented in my book, Hallman (2010) Family Geographies: The Spatiality of Families and Family Life, published by Oxford University Press.

My career has more recently included several years in administrative roles, including Associate Dean Academic (Riddell Faculty), and Executive Director, Student Academic Success (including University 1). These positions reflect my sincere interest in supporting undergraduate students in their educational goals, and is an ongoing interest in both my teaching practice and research. Most recently, emerging research interests focus on therapeutic landscapes, eco-anxiety, and mental health and wellness.

• GEOG 1280 Introduction to Human Geography
• GEOG/HNSC 3870 Food Geographies
• GEOG 3890 Geography and Wellness (new Fall 2020)
• GEOG 4290 Gender and the Human Environment

Research interests:
• Geographies of family relationships and caregiving
• Therapeutic landscapes, wellness and social distancing
• Faculty mentoring of undergraduate students – needs and best practices
• Local food networks and food system diversification

Representative publications:

O’Brien-Moran, M. and B.C. Hallman. (2015) Attributional Retraining and First Year Academic Success. Student Affairs, University of Manitoba.

Hallman, B.C. (2010) Family Geographies: The Spatiality of Families and Family Life. Oxford University Press. Toronto.

Hallman, B.C. (2007) A ‘Family-Friendly’ Place: Place identity, leisure and wellbeing – the zoo as therapeutic landscape. Chapter 9 in A. Williams (ed.) Therapeutic Landscapes: Advances and Applications. Ashgate Publishing Limited: Aldershot, UK. Pp. 133-145.

Hallman, B.C. and S.M.P. Benbow (2007) Family leisure, photography and zoos: exploring the emotional geographies of families. Social and Cultural Geography 8(6): 871-888.

Joseph, A.E. and B.C. Hallman (1998) Over the hill and far away: distance as a barrier to the provision of assistance to elderly relatives. Social Science & Medicine. 46(6): 631-639.