Geophysical Laboratories

Geophysical laboratories includes the following equipment:

  • Larger-scale research geophysical instrumentation includes a seven-instrument broad-band portable seismograph facility, a three-component down-hole seismic system, and a Geonics PROTEM47 time-domain EM system
  • Smaller-scale equipment including Geonics EM31 and EM34 instruments, Bison DC-resistivity system, Scintrex magnetometer-VLF system, Scintrex magnetic susceptibility meter, Exploranium gamma-ray spectrometer, Worden gravimeter, and Bison hammer seismograph
  • Computing facilities including GEOTOOLS and WinGLink magnetotelluric software, VISTA 2D seismic processing software, earthquake data processing software, and a high resolution colour graphics imaging system supporting satellite and multispectral geophysical imaging 
  • Seismograph station with equipment including three-component long-period seismometers, three-component short period seismometers, amplifier system, and helicorder display

The University of Manitoba is a founding member of the Canadian POLARIS university-government-industry consortium which has geophysical equipment including satellite telemetred broad-band seismographs, broad-band magnetotelluric, and long-period magnetotelluric instruments.

Contact Information:

Mulu Serzu
Geophysical Laboratories
University of Manitoba
240 Wallace Building
125 Dysart Road
Winnipeg MB  R3T 2N2

Mulu Serzu, Geophysics Technician